Advice on the complexities of the new Energy Regulations

By Peter Trew of EPIC.

Having worked through their programme of buildings already in the design or planning process at 1 October 2010 when the New Energy Regulations came into place, Designers and Contractors will now be getting to grips with the minutiae of Conservation of Fuel and Power Regulations AD-L2 [E & W] and Technical Standard Part 6 [Scotland].

As with AD-L2:2006 and Part 6:2006, the devil is in the detail of the calculation process that determines building compliance. The requirements for 2010 demand an additional reduction of at least 25% across the non-dwelling building sectors but there is no guidance as to how this will be achieved other than improvements will have to be made to both building fabric and building services to meet the new compliance levels.

 At EPIC (Energy Panels in Construction) we have produced a new guide on achieving compliance when using Insulated Panels in the construction of industrial, warehousing and retail buildings as well as in a whole range of other non-domestic sectors.

 The Guide explains the major changes that have been made and reveals the levels of fabric performance that have been set in the National calculation model against which all new buildings are assessed. It also includes the results of EPIC’s own research and trials on how to meet the requirements and the difficulties in achieving low air permeability levels for certain buildings.

The new EPIC Guide to the Conservation of Fuel and Power Regulations (2010) is available from

For more information please contact us on +44 (0)20 8786 3619 or


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