Energy management mission critical to business success

By Martinee Reid, Energy Solutions.

Whilst it is a key priority for the UK Government to boost confidence in the construction industry, encourage investment and stimulate growth; the environmental impact of a building has become increasingly significant following the stringent carbon emissions targets introduced by the Government and the latest changes to Building Regulations.

The Government’s pledge to reduce UK carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2020 has subsequently incentivised the growing utilisation of sustainable and innovative design techniques and energy efficient products.

A study of more than 2000 British adults found that 61% of homeowners would consider installing the means to generate their own energy, whether that is by using solar PV panels, installing air source heat pumps, using biomass fuel or harnessing the power of nature by using hydro power.* Whilst this is good news for the domestic housing sector, energy management including consumption, cost and efficiency, is now a business critical issue for organisations of all sizes, across all sectors.  As such, the demand for knowledge in this area remains prevalent throughout the business arena. 

More than 6,800 people attended Energy Solutions and its co-located exhibitions in 2010, bringing together professionals from a vast range of industry sectors.  Incorporating energy management, procurement, efficiency and onsite renewables, Energy Solutions attracts energy users from all over the UK looking to source information and advice, and ultimately become more sustainable.

Energy Solutions plays host to a series of free dedicated seminar sessions across its four education theatres, The Energy Academy, The Renewables Theatre, The Green-Tech Theatre and the Innovation Showcase Theatre.  Taking place at London Olympia, from 11-12 October, the two-day event is set to showcase the latest in a wide range of products and services from more than 300 exhibitors across the energy sector, and is widely regarded as the UK’s leading energy management, procurement and onsite renewable event. 

For further information on Energy Solutions 2011 and to register for your free pass, please visit

By Martinee Reid, Energy Solutions Expo,   

*Study conducted by utility and environmental consultancy Gemserv,


1 thought on “Energy management mission critical to business success

  1. Hi Martinee,

    Thank you for posting. A thorough and well-constructed article and certainly worth the read!

    At ECEX, we share the belief that energy management is critical to long-term success in business. We specialise in a range of techniques aimed at providing greater energy efficiency and as such, lower running costs (win win!).

    If you’d like to know more, you can find us on, we’d love to hear from you.

    Thanks again for sharing and keep up the great work!


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