BREEAM UK New Construction 2014 – What has changed?

By Tony Ryan.

In May 2014 the BRE released a new version of their Assessment Method, BREEAM – what impacts does this have and how can you achieve BREEAM credits?

What is BREEAM?

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s leading design and assessment method for sustainable buildings. Since 1990 over 250,000 buildings have being certified all over the world.  BREEAM provides a holistic approach to measuring and improving all types of new and existing buildings. On the 27th of May 2014 the BREEAM 2014 version for all non-domestic, new construction was launched, replacing the 2011 version. This was the result of a very intensive consultation process whereby stakeholders were given the opportunity between March and October 2013 to provide feedback on the existing 2011 version.

The primary aim of BREEAM UK New Construction (NC) 2014 is to mitigate the life-cycle impacts of new buildings on the environment in a robust and cost effective manner. This is achieved through integration and use of the scheme by clients and their project teams at key stages in the design and procurement process. This enables the client, through the BREEAM Assessor and the BRE Global certification process, to measure, evaluate and reflect the performance of their building against best practice in an independent and robust manner. This performance is quantified by a number of individual measures and associated criteria stretching across a range of environmental issues, which is ultimately expressed as a single certified BREEAM rating, i.e. the label. This label is based on a number of elements that determine the overall performance of a new construction project assessed using BREEAM. These elements are:

  • The BREEAM rating level benchmarks
  • The minimum BREEAM standards
  • The environmental section weightings
  • The BREEAM assessment issues and credits

The BREEAM UK NC 2014 rating benchmarks are as follows (these have not changed from the 2011 version):

BREEAM Rating          % score
OUTSTANDING               ≥85
EXCELLENT                    ≥70
VERY GOOD                   ≥55
GOOD                              ≥45
PASS                                ≥30
UNCLASSIFIED               <30


Kingspan Insulated Panels Contributes to BREEAM UK NC 2014

As a  global leader in providing sustainable, energy-saving, whole building solutions to the property market we understand the importance of environmental assessment methods such as BREEAM and we applaud the BRE on the launch of their new and improved version of BREEAM. With a keen eye on the future, we, at Kingspan Insulated Panels, work continuously with our clients to  assist with the design, build and management of their assets. The BREEAM scheme is broken into 9 sections with  each section carrying a different weighting as shown below;

BREEAM 2014 Weightings

BREEAM 2014 Weightings

Each section has different sub sections carrying different credits. Although it is impossible for Kingspan Insulated Panels to assist in achieving credits in every sub-section the following sub-sections highlighted in green indicate where we can help;

BREEAM credits 1BREEAM Credits 2 BREEAM credits 3 BREEAM credits 4 BREEAM credits 5


The following bullet points briefly describe how we can help achieve credits within the areas highlighted in green above;

  • Ene 01 – Reduction of carbon emissions and energy consumption
  • Ene 04 – Photovoltaic systems & iLED lighting solutions with dimming and occupancy sensing
  • Ene 05 – Detailed advise to limit heat gain and reduce energy


  • Mat 01 – Green Guide Ratings of A+ and Environmental Profiling by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) for certain product
  • Mat 03 – Compliance with ISO14001:2004 demonstrating that products contain responsibly sourced materials
  • Mat 04 – Environmental Profiling by the Building Reserch Establishment
  • Mat 06 – Typical recycled content by weight is 14.5% to 17.5%. Lightweight material reduces concrete and steel in foundations and frame respectively

Health and Wellbeing

  • Hea 01 – Daylight and iLED lighting solutions with dimming and occupany sensors
  • Hea 02 – Free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) emissions
  • Hea 04 – Thermal modelling to define interactions between different zones
  • Hea 05 – High performance accoustic solutions and advice
  • Hea 06 – Roof safety solutions / fall arrest systems


  • Wst 01 – Pallets, plastic packaging etc collected on-site after delivery, helping to reduce waste on-site during construction
  • Wst 02 – Lightweight products reduce weight for structural frame and foundations
  • Wst 06 – Flexible products that are easily removed & re-positioned or altered


  • Man 01 – Specific advice from Low Carbon Consultants on integrated design that optimises building performance using a cost optimal strategy
  • Man 02 – Specific advice and assistance on life cycle cost analysis with example reports available
  • Man 05 – 25 year free roof and PV maintenance & aftercare


  • Pol 02 – Reduction of NOx emissons from buildings.
  • Pol 03 – Gutter/Rainwater design calculations


  • Inn 01 – Possible contributions to various innovation credits by exemplary performance in Hea 01 lighting levels,  Ene 01 by implementing solutions that lead to being carbon negative, Mat 1 Life cycle impacts, Mat 03 for responsible sourcing, Wst 01 for zero waste onsite and Man 05 for aftercare of roof and PV solutions.


CASE STUDY – Chatterley Valley, Staffordshire. Distribution centre and offices.

Chatterley Valley, Staffs 1


  • First ever BREEAM Outstanding Building
  • £50 million building
  • 36,024m2 near Newcastle-under-Lyme
  • Kingspan products on building envelope
  • Airtightness rate 1.8m3/hr/m2 at 50 Pascals achieved
  • Site waste minimized with recycling pallets and plastic
  • Kingspan Sol-Air system reduced heating costs by approximately 20%
  • Kingspan Day-Lite Architectural for natural lighting reducing electric lighting.
  • ECOsafe insulation core with no CFC’s or HCFC’s and low GWP
  • Green guide rating of A+, FIREsafe / LPCB approved.
  • Higher performing building with less CO2emissions.
  • Kingspan helped achieve points for responsible sourced materials and ISO14001

Please contact Tony Ryan, Divisional Building Technology Manager on


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