The Development of IPN-QuadCore

IPN-QuadCore is the bespoke new hybrid insulation technology from Kingspan Insulated Panels. Launched in August 2015, IPN-QuadCore represents a significant step change in insulated panel performance.

Here, Divisional Building Technology Director Mark Harris tells some of the story behind the development of IPN-QuadCore.

What’s the story behind IPN-QuadCore?

The IPN-QuadCore story began in 1995, when we first developed our polyisocyanurate (PIR) core technology for insulated panels. This core was the first to achieve approval from the UK Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and FM Global – a step up from the previous polyurethane (PUR) system.

Since then, we have focused on continually developing our insulation core technology. For example, in 2004 we began working with a number of universities on projects to improve our standard PIR core. These academic studies informed a number of trials, and resulted in the 2006 launch of our ECOsafe insulation core. That product achieved superior thermal performance without the use of high global warming potential blowing agents.

Following on from this, we began working with a dedicated in-house polymer development department within Kingspan Insulated Panels. This resulted in further improvements to the thermal and fire performance of our polymer matrix, developments which eventually led to the creation of IPN-QuadCore.

Next came years of extensive testing – it takes a long time to gain approval to use new materials in construction. There were lots of manufacturing trials, and much work behind the scenes to obtain the best possible third party approval, especially for fire performance.

Will IPN-QuadCore be used in every panel product from Kingspan Insulated Panels?

Eventually, yes. For the time being, IPN-QuadCore is exclusively available in our coldstore panel range, where the reception has been very positive. We have plans to launch it in other Kingspan Insulated Panels ranges over the coming year, with a view to eventually rolling it out as our main core material if customer uptake demands it.


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