Highest Level Certifications


Alongside its thermal performance, environmental benefits and guarantee, IPN-QuadCore is also achieving new highs in terms of fire protection. This breakthrough insulation core has been rigorously tested by recognised third parties and has been certified to the highest industry standards.

IPN-QuadCore forms an exceptionally stable char on exposure to fire. The result is lower smoke emissions and better performance in fire resistance tests.

IPN-QuadCore is the first and only high performance closed cell insulation material to be certified to FM 4882 for use in smoke sensitive occupancies. It achieves a reaction to fire of B-s1,d0 to EN 13501-1, the lowest smoke emissions possible.  This makes it ideal for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage areas, food preparation and storage areas, or similar occupancies with no height restriction.

IPN-QuadCore also achieves fire resistance of up to one hour insulation and three hours integrity to EN 13501-2, meaning it passes all previous fire tests achieved by PIR core panels.

This improved performance means that IPN-QuadCore products can be offered in a wider range of panel widths, up to 7m in some LPS 1208 specifications and up to 12m in certain specifications according to EN 13501-2.

In the event of a fire, you can be sure IPN-QuadCore will deliver the highest levels of protection to both people and property.



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