IPN-QuadCore: Thermal Performance

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IPN-QuadCore Thermal Performance

IPN-QuadCore is the bespoke new hybrid insulation technology from Kingspan Insulated Panels. Launched in August 2015, IPN-QuadCore represents a significant step change in insulated panel performance.

In this series, Divisional Building Technology Director Mark Harris tells some of the story behind IPN-QuadCore; how it works and what it means for buildings.

This post focuses on its thermal performance, one of the four ‘quads’ referred to in the product name alongside fire safety, environmental credentials and the 40-year guarantee.

How good a thermal insulator is IPN QuadCore?

IPN-QuadCore significantly outperforms most other insulation technology on the market. It achieves an industry-leading lambda value of just 0.018W/mK, confirmed in independent

tests by the University of Salford. This means that IPN-QuadCore performs 20% better than the typical PUR core commonly used in panel construction, and 10% better than our existing ECOsafe core.

What gives IPN-QuadCore this enhanced thermal performance?

IPN-QuadCore has a significantly different cell structure to previous insulation core materials. Simply put, our proprietary manufacturing process allows us to create smaller cells than are usually found in other closed cell materials. At 100µm, the cell diameter is approximately half that of a typical PUR insulation core. This allows us to pack them more efficiently within the core, creating more thermal barriers across the same volume.

Crucially, all of this is done without adding any extra weight – the density is approximately the same as our standard ECOsafe material, aided in part by our ultra-efficient manufacturing process that reduces waste.

The polymer matrix within IPN-QuadCore is also different to previous products, giving rise to a different colour (grey as opposed to yellow) and texture.


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