IPN-QuadCore: Fire Safety

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IPN-QuadCore: Fire Safety

IPN-QuadCore is the bespoke new hybrid insulation technology from Kingspan Insulated Panels. Launched in August 2015, IPN-QuadCore represents a significant step change in insulated panel performance.

In this series, Divisional Building Technology Director Mark Harris tell some of the story behind IPN-QuadCore; how it works and what it means for buildings.

This post focuses on its fire performance, one of the four ‘quads’ referred to in the product name alongside thermal performance, environmental credentials and the 40-year guarantee.

What are the fire safety properties of IPN-QuadCore?

The most significant fire safety property of IPN-QuadCore is its low smoke propagation. It is the first closed cell insulation material to achieve FM 4882 certification for use in smoke-sensitive occupancies.

This means that IPN-QuadCore is suitable for food storage, manufacture and pharmaceutical applications where even small amounts of smoke can cause enormous and very expensive damage.

IPN-QuadCore also performs well in terms of fire resistance. Its structural stability means it can achieve fire safety standards across longer spans. This reduces the amount of steel supports required for a building, reducing construction costs.

What gives IPN-QuadCore this superior fire performance?

The exact process behind this improved performance is a closely-guarded secret of our new technology. IPN-QuadCore has been specifically engineered to deliver this enhanced performance. Viewing some of our ad-hoc fire tests gives an indication as to how some of this is achieved, as the surface of the insulation quickly chars to protect the interior of the material, but that’s all we can say for now.


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