IPN-QuadCore: Environmental Credentials

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IPN-QuadCore: Environmental Credentials

IPN-QuadCore is the bespoke new hybrid insulation technology from Kingspan Insulated Panels. Launched in August 2015, IPN-QuadCore represents a significant step change in insulated panel performance.

In this series, Divisional Building Technology Director Mark Harris tell some of the story behind IPN-QuadCore; how it works and what it means for buildings.

This post focuses on its environmental credentials, one of the four ‘quads’ referred to in the product name alongside thermal performance, fire safety and the 40-year guarantee.

What are the environmental benefits of using IPN-QuadCore?

The most obvious benefit is the long-term operational reduction in energy consumption. IPN-QuadCore creates buildings that are more thermally efficient and therefore reduce carbon emissions. This benefit has been independently verified, with IPN-QuadCore adding six valuable BREEAM points to a building, and earning credits under other green building assessment methods too.

At this point it’s worth mentioning the comprehensive 40-year guarantee that comes with each IPN-QuadCore panel. This covers both the structure and the performance of the panel, meaning it should perform as-built with no degradation for the duration of its life – resulting in 40 years of energy saving.

There is also a more short-term benefit that results from the manufacturing process used to create IPN-QuadCore. Gram for gram, the insulation core material is used much more efficiently under the unique closed cell structure, while manufacturing waste is kept to a minimum.  It also does not contain any HFCs or halogenated flame retardants.

What happens to an IPN-QuadCore panel at the end of a building’s life?

The 40-year guarantee and superior fire performance hopefully mean that it’ll be a long time before we see any IPN-QuadCore building reach the end of its life!

When that time does come, there are two options. The first is reuse, with panels simply demounted and applied on other projects. This is something that already happens occasionally with our standard ECOsafe core panels.

Where reusing panels is not an option, they steel can be easily reclaimed, while the core material can be safely used in a waste to energy facility.


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