The importance of fire protection in building specification

UK_Fire_LPCB_Crib Fire

Major fires in landmark buildings have far-reaching consequences. Beyond the terrible risk of loss of life and obvious cost implications, a major fire can irreparably damage the reputation of the architect, owner and occupier of a building.

That is why it is so important to specify the right products whatever the building type, insisting on certified fire safety without compromising on performance, speed of build and availability; and avoiding the costly risks associated with inferior product substitution.

Kingspan’s insulated building envelope cladding solutions contain a thermosetting core, which offers vastly superior fire performance over thermoplastic materials. They have an extensive range of fire certifications to help meet and exceed current regulatory standards for fire performance all over the world.

This superior fire performance, combined with the other benefits of Kingspan systems, enables high-performance buildings to be constructed safely and more rapidly than other construction methods.

Each Kingspan system is underpinned by extensive, market-leading guarantees, and supported by expert advice at every stage. Once built, buildings utilising Kingspan cladding cost far less to operate than typical constructions, offering enormous financial savings to occupiers in the short- and long-term, and enabling higher levels of green building certification.

The performance of Kingspan’s insulated panel technology is improving even further with the adoption of IPN-QuadCore, Kingspan’s game-changing hybrid insulation core.

IPN-QuadCore will offer even higher standards for fire, thermal and environmental performance, and service, outperforming all other insulation technologies on the market.

IPN-QuadCore forms an exceptionally stable char on exposure to fire. The result is lower smoke emissions and better performance in fire resistance tests. This means that insulated panel systems featuring IPN-QuadCore will comply with and exceed current stringent requirements.

In the event of a fire, you can be sure IPN-QuadCore will deliver the highest levels of protection to both people and property.

Click here to learn more about IPN-QuadCore


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