Kingspan FIREsafe certifications


Kingspan’s FIREsafe systems have been tested and approved to Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), Factory Mutual (FM), BS 8414 and BS 476 Part 22 standards to comply with property insurers’ risk requirements.

Insurer-approved Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and Factory Mutual (FM) systems are prized by investors, property insurers, designers and constructors for their superior fire engineered performance. In order to achieve compliance, the Kingspan systems ensure that no flash over or fire propagation occurs and no flame spread occurs within the panel core. The roof and wall systems are also secured to the main/secondary frame of the building in order to protect fire fighters.

Kingspan’s insulated panel systems have also achieved universal certification to LPS 1181: EXT-B, with some products available with EXT-A30 or even EXT–A60 level certification. This means the panel system itself is capable of delivering these levels of fire resistance on its own. In buildings where there are internal linings such as plasterboard, the actual fire resistance level of the entire through-wall system can be significantly higher.


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