Walking the talk: Kingspan’s Selby refurbishment

UK_KE_Selby-AIR (63)

Last year we launched our sustainability report; ‘Walk the Talk – Our Responsibility and Performance’. But the lessons we’ve learned from our net-zero energy journey go beyond the pages of the report. By undertaking our own extensive building investment programme, we’ve been able to develop new products and services and test better methods for achieving successful refurbishments to almost any commercial building.

This is demonstrated in our extensive refurbishment of a 32,000m2 manufacturing facility in Selby, undertaken as part of the net-zero energy programme.

By taking a holistic approach to the refurbishment project, we were able to unlock more opportunities for energy and cost savings in the building than would otherwise have been possible. A new, high-performance insulated roof was installed at the site, incorporating rooflights, rooftop solar PV panels and intelligent LED lighting in a single package to ensure the optimum balance between the technologies.

This has transformed the 1980’s-built warehouse into an ultra-efficient building suitable for the company’s operations today and for the next 25 years. The building now achieves an ‘A’ EPC rating (up from F), and is rated BREEAM ‘Very Good’.

Not only does this help Kingspan to be a more environmentally-friendly, cost-effective business, it also provides a practical example to customers and end users of the immediate and long-term benefits of net-zero energy buildings.


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