Flying the Net-Zero Energy Flag at EUROCONSTRUCT

Written by Mel Courtney – General Manager, Kingspan Energy

At today’s excellent EUROCONSTRUCT event in Dublin, I was proud to talk about Kingspan’s Net-Zero Energy programme.

In 2011, we committed to achieving net-zero energy across our entire global operation by 2020, with an interim goal of 50% by 2016. The commitment is extraordinary in scale, encompassing operations in 85 countries, across four divisions.

Our Net-Zero Energy programme is an unambiguous and very public commitment from Kingspan to practise what we preach – using our own products and solutions to reduce carbon emissions while remaining profitable and productive. This has made success imperative to Kingspan, with potential for a direct impact on our reputation and the commercial viability of our solutions.

So far, the results have been impressive. Globally, Kingspan Insulated Panels has reduced its carbon emissions by almost 50% since 2011. In the UK, emissions were reduced from 12,883 tCO2 in 2013 to just 5,719 tCO2 in 2014 – a 57% saving. In 2014, over 34% of energy came from renewable sources, with carbon emissions from non-renewable electricity down 44%.

At a Kingspan Group level, the energy efficiency measures undertaken between 2013 and 2014 saved 15GWh throughout the year, adding circa €1 million to our net profit.

The construction industry has needed a model to follow for stepping up to the sustainability challenge and reduce the 36% of European carbon emissions associated with buildings. My intention at today’s event was to show how our Net-Zero Energy initiative proves the business case for sustainability, and helps Sustainability Directors persuade their own organisations to begin a similar Net-Zero journey.


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