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Project overview

A £5million Storagebase self storage facility adjacent to Junction 9 of the M6 motorway in Wednesbury, the latest addition in an extensive re-development of the area. With a total of 5,200m2 of Kingspan insulated panels used on the walls and roof of the build, a distinctive landmark has been created in this corner of the West Midlands.

Design stage

The brightly-coloured storage facility was brought to life using an array of Kingspan products including Architectural Wall Panels, Mini-Micro in Kingspan Spectrum Citroen Red, Pearl & Adventura, and Trapezoidal Roof panels in Kingspan XL Forté Goosewing Grey. This variety of colour gives the building a striking appearance, with the arrangement of the panels reflecting the modular nature of the building’s interior.

Build stage

Spanning seven floors, the building provides over forty different sized rooms for customers’ belongings. With a large amount of personal property being kept within the building at all times, safety and durability of the products used in the construction were of the utmost importance. It was for these reasons that Kingspan Insulated Panels products were chosen.

The Trapezoidal Roof panels selected maintain excellent standards across thermal insulation (Green Guide A+ rated by the BRE), fire safety (LPCB and FM Approved) and air tightness. All of this contributes to the long-term integrity of the products, meaning the building owner can be confident of a stable and secure internal environment. This is an essential factor in the storage of customers’ possessions that can be damaged by fluctuating internal temperatures or moisture.

Storagebase full


Simon Hallowell, Director from Hallford Refurbishments Ltd said: “Using Kingspan insulated panels with contrasting colours was a relatively simple way to create a visually stunning and unique building. Kingspan provided valuable assistance on the Storagebase project during the initial design work and also helped us overcome some of the challenging access issues on-site.” – Simon Hallowell, Director, Hallford Refurbishments Ltd

“Functionality and speed-of-construction will always come first for storage buildings, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be interesting architecturally too. The team at Hallford Refurbishments have done an excellent job in showing what can be achieved with Kingspan Insulated Roof & Wall Panels and a little bit of imagination, creating a building that prioritises form as well as function.” – Martin Robinson, National Sales Manager, Kingspan Insulated Panels


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