Plopsaqua Water Park

Plopsaqua Frontal.jpg


Location: De Panne, Belgium

Wall products: Architectural Wall Panel, Mini-Micro

Finishes: Kingspan XL Forté (Deep Blue, Denim, Midnight, Pastel Blue)

Visually Exciting

Fun, colour and inspiration was at the heart of this design, with an emphasis on appealing to children and the younger generation. The idea behind this project was to create colourful and inspiring shapes, all concentrated around a simple yet appealing structure. Our panels gave the designer the freedom to incorporate different shades of blue to reflect the water environment on the inside.

The result is a playful eye-catching design, providing a real flagship building that represents the values of the client.

Faster Construction

As a significant summertime attraction, adhering to strict time restrictions during the construction process on this project was crucial. Deadlines were fixed and communicated in press and national media, meaning the advantages in build speed associated with our insulated wall panels were vital in meeting the strict timelines.

Design Solutions

One of the most important aspects of the project was the flawless integration of windows and water slides. Naturally water tightness was essential and highlights the flexibility of our insulated wall panel systems in even the most uncommon of applications. Co-ordinating flashings were fabricated to match the colour scheme of the panels, perfectly representing the designed scheme.

Plopsaqua Slides.jpg

Protection Against the Elements

Belgium’s warm climate was not the only element that needed to be considered when choosing an appropriate coating, as it was imperative to also ensure the panels would withstand the corrosive nature of the swimming pool’s internal environment.

Our Kingspan XL Forté coating was specified, offering a functional protection, ideal for this specific aqua application.

Under the Kingspan Ultimate Panel Guarantee, our XL Forté coating range can be guaranteed for up to 40 years depending on application. This range consists of a variety of protective PVC coatings with a leather-grain effect, and is available in an inspiring selection of colours.



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