Queens University

Queens University Frontal.jpg


Location: Belfast, United Kingdom

Wall/Façade products: BENCHMARK Karrier

Finishes: Corten Steel Hook-on Cassettes

Architects Burwell Deakins designed a new extension that both complements and contrasts with the original 1950s university building. The deep copper-brown tones of the façade work well with the brick palette of the original, while the sharp, angular lines of the new structure contrast against the symmetrical regularity of the rest of the building.

Through this, they have managed to create a new space that feels designed for several future generations of students, without compromising the architectural and aesthetic heritage of the venerable university campus.

Incorporating form and function

“Fundamental to the design of the new Student Hub at Queen’s University, was the creation of a building with a strong visual identity befitting of its status as the new ‘heart’ to the existing 1950s building.”

“It was also important to provide a low carbon building, which would be able to meet the needs of both current and future students. Working with Kingspan enabled us to achieve this vision, resulting in a visually striking and high quality building envelope and a highly energy-efficient building, which will hopefully be enjoyed by generations of students to come.”

  • Burwell Deakins Architects

Queens University Top.jpg

Meeting the design challenge

Working closely with Kingspan’s technical team, a product solution was found to meet all of the design requirements for the building. The project design team faced a significant challenge to meet the required shape, style and performance in the specification, all within a tight construction schedule which made specifying the right products for the job vital.

Corten Steel is a weathered steel façade that naturally rusts over time, creating a highly durable, protective coating with a striking finish reminiscent of Belfast’s shipbuilding past. This made it the ideal choice for the project, as it met both the aesthetic and the functional requirements of the brief.


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